Monday, October 10, 2016

DOCKER => Simple Hands-On

"DOCKER => Simple Hands-On"

:tada: :birthday: :tada: Docker Birthday #3 :tada: :birthday: :tada:"

Recently went to a meetup hosted by Docker for "Docker Birthday #3".

      Install the Docker on Windows or Linux Servers.

Installing Docker On Ubuntu :
     1) login as root
     2) apt-get update
     3) apt-get install -y
Installing Docker on Centos:  
     1) login as root
     2) yum update
     3) yum install -y docker
To Check whether docker has been installed or not ?
    Type "docker version" or "docker --version" or "docker info
To Run Docker using non-root user.
      sudo groupadd docker    
      sudo usermod -aG docker youruserid

For beginners to learn Docker, you can start from here at the below link @ GitHub :

"Docker for beginners" : 

This tutorial consists of below sections.
1.0 Running your first container
2.0 Webapps with Docker
3.0 Run a multi-container app with Docker Compose

You can try building a simple flask app.

Docker Birthday 3 : App Challenge