Friday, April 1, 2016


Learning About PUPPET:

What is Puppet ?
Puppet is an open source configuration management tool. It is written in Ruby.
It runs on many unix-like systems as well as on Microsoft windows, and includes it's own declarative language to describe system configuration. Puppet is produced by Puppet Labs by Luke Kanies in 2005.

What Can Puppet be used for?
- Puppet can be used for datacenter automation and server management.
- Puppet is a tool designed to manage the configuration of Unix-like and Microsoft
  Windows systems declaratively.
- The user describes system resources and their state,
  either using Puppet's declarative language or a Ruby DSL (domain-specific language).
- Puppet can manage minimum of 2 servers until maximum of 50,000 servers.

- Puppet Architecture ?
Puppet has Puppet Master, Puppet Nodes, Puppet Agents etc.,
Puppet has been build with 2 modes:
  1) Client Server Mode : Central Server & Agents running on Separate Nodes.
  2) Serverless Mode      : Single process does all the work.

Puppet Use Cases:

More Info Yet to be Added Soon

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