Tuesday, March 29, 2016

SonarQube 4 IOS App(Swift Language) & Jenkins

SonarQube Code Quality Analysis for IOS App(Swift Language) & Integration with Jenkins

1) Install Swift Language Plugin in SonarQube If your IOS Application is written in Swift Language.

To install the Plugin - You need to have Administration rights in SonarQube to Install any Plugins. 
Follow these below steps for Installation.
You need to Click : Administration -> System -> Update Center

2) Click on Available Option and Search for "Swift" Plugin and Install it by Clicking Install.
Once the plugin is installed - Restart SonarQube
3) Click on Quality Profiles after the Swift Installation - and you can see the below Info.

4) Basically Swift Plugin is not a free version, so i went to sonarsource website and requested
 for a trail license key for swift plugin by providing my company details and my details - 
within 2-3 days i got response from sonarsource team with Trail License Key for 14 days.
5) I provided that Trail License Key in SonarQube URL at the below location.
Click on Administration -> Licenses - Swift - provide the Key there & Click Save License Settings.
8) Build Step : Click Invoke "Standalone SonarQube Analysis" and provide the details as below.


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